lunedì 31 ottobre 2011

My new babies!

Come promesso, anche se con un po' di ritardo come al solito, vi faccio vedere cosa ho comprato con i soldi ricevuti per il mio compleanno ( gli acquisti continuano :P). Guardate e ditemi cosa ne pensate :D kiss

As promised, altough later as usual, I show you what I bought with money I have received for my birthday (purchases are continuing :P) Look and tell me what you think about them :D kiss!

 this is like to say "don't touch my bag" ahaha :D

blue cardigan with belt: H&M
black t-shirt: Intimissimi
skinny jeans: H&M
necklace and earrings: Tiffany & Co.
shoes: my new black Hogan interactive
Bag: my new Burberry Tota Nova Check

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  1. Love your blog Following you!
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  2. This is great combination of images, and everything is awesome.
    You know I've bookmarked you long time ago haha.
    See mine please:)

  3. beautiful :))) I'm following You :) Do You wanna follow me back? :)